Vessel Application

Application Instructions:
1. Before you begin, please verify that you meet the Program Requirements outlined below.
2. Complete the application form below and submit. Incomplete forms will not be considered.
3. For start-up business requests, please submit a business plan, budget, and goals.
4. For equipment, vessels, vehicles, or other, please outline the intended use in the form below.

Information (such as the DD-214, business plan, budget, and goals) can be emailed to or mailed to:

Work Vessels for Vets
260 Elm Street
Noank, CT 06340

Please Note:
WVFV endeavors to assist as many veterans as is possible. Not all requests will necessarily be met, but will be kept on file as resources or matches may become available in the future. Recipients names and images may be used in future WVFV communications.

Program Requirements:
1. Honorable Discharge from Duty
2. Copy of DD 214 form


Vessel Application Form

applicant information
* Last Name:
* First Name: MI:
* Address 1:
  Address 2:
* City:
* State:
* Zip:
* Day Phone:
  Evening Phone:
* E-mail:
    Are you interested in Self Employment?
If yes, please attach copy of Business Plan with Budget and Goals to this application

employment / education status
    Are you in College or a Training Program?
    If yes, enter the name of the school:
    Have you Graduated?
    If yes, enter the degree earned:

military experience
  Start Date: [mm/dd/yyyy]
  End Date: [mm/dd/yyyy]
  Rating/Rank at Discharge:
  IMPORTANT: You MUST email a copy of your DD214 Discharge paper to You may redact your SSN.

Donation Request
* I am seeking donation of:
    NOTE: Laptops for disabled veterans enrolled in Entrepreneurial Bootcamp for Veterans (EBV)
    at universities receive first priority

- if other, please describe:
* Utilization: If you were chosen to receive assistance from WVFV for what purpose would you utilize it?

You must check all of the following, then enter your Name and the current date.
  * and will email a copy of my DD214 to
* Your Signature: NAME: DATE: [mm/dd/yyyy]
   * Indicates required information.