Army SPC “Pudge” Puckett, who lives with 100% combat-related injuries,  is eagerly awaiting fabrication of 2 Live Fire tables like this one for his Diamond 9 Company BBQ Catering business in middle Tennessee.  Work Vessels for Vets was once again pleased to partner with The Semper Fi & America’s Fund to share the $6000 cost of these custom-made Live Fire Pits by The Metal Guys of Knoxville.

“BBQ catering is not just about cooking – it’s about creating an unforgettable experience for clients and guests.  Fire tables play a pivotal role in this, not only providing a visually captivating element but also allowing for interactive and engaging cooking demonstrations,” Pudge Puckett.  “I am so grateful for this grant so I can expand my business and create more job opportunities for fellow veterans.”

Puckett will offer his authentic Texas-style barbecue, focusing on quality ingredients, slow-smoked meats, distinctive flavors at events throughout the Nashville and surrounding area.  Yum!