I’m a veteran that WVFV assisted. I’m a disabled OIF/OEF veteran, with extensive physical disabilities from service connected injuries in Iraq. I came home and started a small ranch in Oregon, and Work Vessels for Veterans came through with a much needed grant to purchase an ATV for me.

With the ATV, I’m now able to check fence lines, do repairs, bring in injured or sick calves and sheep, haul hay out to my farthest pastures, bring in water trailers during summer months, and accomplish much work that previously I was forced to rely on the kindness of friends for. This organization is highly professional, deeply supportive, and personally invested in every single veteran that they help. Furthermore, they encourage vets to help not only themselves, but to succeed and grow until they can help other veterans in their own turn. This fosters a sense of community that goes beyond our military background, and invests into the wider society that we are all reintegrating to. Please know that donations to this organization go to real live people, and to veterans who actually NEED the assistance, and use it to better both themselves and their greater communities.