Work Vessels For Vets saved me in the middle of an academic crisis. WVFV provided me with a much needed laptop for me to continue my studies. I’m currently enrolled in a graduate program focusing on veteran mental health. I’ve buried 4 of my veteran friends since I’ve been home.

I have made it my life’s work to prevent veteran suicide as a result of mental health challenges I contacted WVFV shortly after my laptop broke. Within a couple weeks I was provided with a great laptop – the one I still use and am using to write these statements. What I really enjoyed was how thoughtful and kind everyone was from WVFV. They didn’t require a lot of process – it was very direct and effective. Thank you to the crew and supporters at WVFV. It’s folks like you that help vets like me feel supported, validated and invested in. I look forward to continuing my relationship with WVFV.