USMC Amputee Receives new lease on life with gift of SUV from Fallen Marine’s Estate

Every once in a while, Work Vessels for Vets helps out a fellow veteran-serving organization with a problem.  Recently, WVFV facilitated the transfer of a GMC SUV from the estate of a fallen Marine to a wounded veteran in need.  Help Our Military Heroes, Inc., a Connecticut  based, national nonprofit, arranged for the vehicle to be donated to Work Vessels for Vets by the father of a fallen hero who wanted the vehicle to go to a fellow Marine in need.  So despite complications of dealing with estate & income tax forms, and a flutter of forms for two state Motor Vehicles Departments, the SUV is now safely in the hands of a Marine coming back from the brink, the family has honored the fallen Marine’s final wishes and we are proud to have helped make it all happen.

Work Vessels for Vets is a unique national charity, based in Mystic, Connecticut.  No other nonprofit is solely dedicated to equipping a veteran-owned start up business.  Since 2008, the awards have ranged from commercial fishing boats to farm tractors, skid loaders, hay balers, trucks, trailers, UTVs, drones, electronics, tools, and even a therapy horse!  More than 2500 veterans across all 50 states have received equipment valued at over $3.5 million from this award-winning group of volunteers from southeastern Connecticut.