US Coast Guard CPO Schon Russell of RI spent a career on CG aircraft or ships up and down America’s shorelines.   After working with a local construction company, he spun off to create a new business digging trenches and landscaping for commercial and residential customers in RI.   WVFV helped him get going with a Ford F350 Mason dump truck.

“I started a job with a landscape company, I quickly moved up from laborer to General manager,”  wrote Russell.  “I honed my skills and learned everything I could from running a business from the owner. As the company started cutting corners and not running at a standard I would like to hold myself and the people that worked for me I believed it was time to start my business. It was harder than I thought but for the family I wouldn’t quit or not put in 100%.”

He noted, “I created Doc’s Excavation because there are a lot of excavation companies in Rhode Island, however a very small amount can focus on the residential needs due to their size of equipment. I really researched to ensure that our competition was not a ton of opposition per say.  This donation to us for our Mason dump truck is overwhelming to say the least. It is going to open so many doors and make our processes so much easier and efficient.”

Gratefully, Schon Russell said to WVFV and our donors,  “ I can not thank you enough. I am humbled by your generosity and care for someone you don’t even know.”