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  1. _______We are a 501-c-3 approved nonprofit organization
  2. ______ We serve injured veterans with an Honorable DD214 Military Discharge .
  3. ______ We serve injured American veterans with a VA Disability Rating The application requests information about clients with any service-connected injury and the VA % rating.
  4. _______We have a Business Plan for the veteran-serving nonprofit. The applicant must submit a Business Plan with concept, financial estimates of income and start-up expenses, marketing plans, and prioritized list of equipment needed with approximate pricing for used or new equipment.
  5. _______We have a STATEMENT OF NEED. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. There are no deadlines. Please outline your need and include any accommodation to equipment to help you with your veteran-serving nonprofit mission.

IMPORTANT: Work Vessels for Vets DOES NOT offer loans. ALL purchases are made by Work Vessels for Vets DIRECTLY to the SELLER on behalf of the veteran awardee. NO CASH is sent to the applicants. Veterans MAY NOT USE the award as a down payment or collateral for financing for equipment.


YES! Proposals for equipment from nonprofits follow a similar three step process.

STEP ONE – Applications must be completed by an officer of the nonprofit. The nonprofit business plan must be included with details of their financial underpinnings, resources for contributions, and program goals for therapeutic rehabilitation. Nonprofits must also submit their 501-c-3 determination letter, or letter of application from IRS.

STEP TWO – Each nonprofit is matched with a mentor (often from a similar nonprofit). The evaluation includes questions about the number of veterans who will be served by the nonprofit, how they will be recruited, how the therapeutic program will be conducted and by whom.

STEP THREE – An award is approved and the same process as above is used to negotiate donation or discounts.


Do you only give away boats?2024-01-08T14:42:32-05:00

No! A “Vessel” is any equipment you may need to reach your goal of self-employment.

What kind of businesses do you equip?2024-01-08T14:42:46-05:00

We support all kinds of veteran entrepreneurs and frankly marvel at the ingenuity of business ideas.

Is the equipment new?2024-01-08T14:42:59-05:00

Not always. Sometimes used equipment is donated or purchased in good used condition.

What is the average value of equipment grants?2024-01-08T14:43:12-05:00

Most of our vessels are valued at $5,000 to $6,000 but some may be much less or more depending on the need.

Do I have to be a Post 9/11 veteran to receive a vessel?2024-01-08T14:43:24-05:00

No, but Post 9/11 returning combat veterans do receive extra consideration. Veterans with VA disability ratings over 80% also have preference.

How long does the application process take?2024-01-08T14:43:35-05:00

It depends. We do not have a warehouse of equipment. All approved applications are matched with corporate or individual donations or purchased from donor funds.

Is there a long waiting list?2024-01-08T14:43:45-05:00

Often we have a waiting list of up to 6 months, but it depends on the availability of the vessels requested and the ability to match a donor with needed equipment.

Is my DD214 kept secure?2024-01-08T14:43:57-05:00

YES! All DD214 papers are maintained on a locked external drive that is only available to designated staff. We highly recommend that you redact your Social Security Number.

What geographic area do you serve?2024-01-08T14:44:06-05:00

We cover the entire United States.

Why do you need a Business Plan?2024-01-08T14:44:55-05:00

WVFV has partnered with the expert evaluators at The Mentoring Corps who work with our veteran applicants to assure that you have the right plans to be successful and that the equipment will contribute to your success.

May I still apply if I do not have a complete business plan?2024-01-08T14:45:05-05:00

Yes, but you need to complete a full description of your business concept and your timeline for start up.

I have a service-connected disability rating. Can I apply for adaptive equipment to help me in my own business?2024-01-08T14:45:18-05:00

Yes! And we can recommend resources to identify adaptations to equipment.

How will you use my photographs and story if I receive a vessel?2024-01-08T14:45:28-05:00

WVFV finds that your stories are the most successful way we can generate new funding to help more veterans. We will publicize our awards to media in your area and the nation as well as include in our grant applications to foundations.

What do you want in return?2024-01-08T14:45:39-05:00

NOTHING! We thank you for your service and ask only that you “Pay it Forward” by helping fellow veterans in need and by serving your community as you served your country.

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1. Before you begin, please verify that you are ELIGIBLE for the program and have these documents in PDF or DOC format and ready to upload when prompted.
Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Please Note: WVFV endeavors to assist as many veterans as is possible. Not all requests will necessarily be met, but applications will be kept on file as resources or matches may become available in the future. Recipients names and images may be used in future WVFV communications
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