For Veterans

WVFV offers three main programs with equipment grants ranging from $1,000 to $8,000. The program servers, Veteran-Owned Businesses, Injured Veteran Farmers and Non-Profit Programs serving the Veteran community. Please view the section below that best describes your request and click through to find all of the information you will need to submit an application.

(Some restrictions apply, see our FAQs section for more information and details).

Equipping a Veteran-Owned Business

This WVFV program provides critical new or used equipment (adapted to accommodate injuries if needed) to returning veterans who are starting a non-farming business. Veteran-owned businesses also can qualify for federal surplus equipment through the SBA set-aside just for vets.

  • Veteran-Owned Business FAQs and Application Requirements

  • Sample Business Plans Available on Request

  • Veteran-Owned Business Success Stories

  • Application

Equipping Injured Veteran Farmers

Equipping Injured Veteran Farmers This WVFV program provides agricultural equipment (tractors, fencing, farm equipment) to America’s veterans who are starting farms or ranches. Working closely with the Farmer Veteran Coalition, Agrability and Semper Fi Fund Programs, Work Vessels for Vets identifies needed farm equipment and any modifications required to adapt equipment for combat injuries.

  • Veteran Farmers FAQs and Application Requirements

  • Veteran Farmers Success Stories

  • Application

Equipping Veteran-Serving Non-Profits

Equipping Veteran-Serving Organizations WVFV awards equipment to veteran-serving Nonprofits like equine therapy programs, boats for therapeutic fishing programs, electronics for vets with PTSD, and other “vessels” for nonprofits to help meet their missions to help fellow veterans. Nonprofits MUST upload a copy of their IRS 501-c-3 determination letter with application form.

  • Veteran-Serving Non-Profits FAQs and Application Requirements

  • Veteran-Serving Non-Profits Specific Information

  • Veteran-Serving Non-Profits Success Stories

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