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2021 Was an Amazing Year at WVFV!

2021 TU noteThank you!  Click here to View our Top Donors of 2021

2021 was an amazing year for Work Vessels for Vets. We are VERY proud to announce that donations from individuals increased by 20% this year!  WOW!  We are so grateful that you stepped up to help us equip injured veterans as they start new businesses.  We were able to award over $180,000 in assistance to help more than 100 veterans all across America. 

We give special recognition and thanks to donors and partners like  Chris Seeger, of New Jersey who personally stepped in to provide a 1:1 match so we could purchase a $27,000 adapted tractor for SSGT Jeremy Lake, USMC who returned to revitalize his family’s apple orchards in Pennsylvania following 5 tours in Iraq and Afghanistan which resulted in combat injuries that earned 2 Purple Hearts.

We also celebrate our partnership with The Semper Fi Fund, and director BJ Leggett.  We share information and match funding for applicants to our organizations to leverage the buying power of our donors.  WVFV partnered with Semper Fi Fund for equipment for several injured vets this year, with pending applications for several more in 2022. 

We are grateful to have a Connecticut donor and his wife who wish to remain anonymous, who sent us $40,000 in 2021, from his military retirement pay.  He is a Vietnam vet who honors his comrades and those who are serving now. 

We thank the family foundations, charitable trusts and monthly pledge donors who continue to believe in our cause.  We also appreciate the retirees who contribute some of their IRA Required Minimum Distribution to our charity.

So many others increased their donations for 2021, noting that the pandemic hit everyone hard.  We were able to meet so many needs for veterans just starting out under the difficult challenges of feeding livestock, paying vet bills, losing out on contracts, closed markets, shipping delays, etc, etc. 

We thank all who helped us meet our mission to equip America’s veterans as they start a new business following combat injury.



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