Army SSG Steve Rossler
Fort Hood, TX

“Kristen, Paisley, Julianne, and I cannot express how grateful we are to both organizations [ WVFV and Semper FI] for doing this for us. Sitting on top of a mountain in Wardak Afghanistan, I never would’ve imagined that my duty to America would ever be rewarded like this.”


“I wanted to say thanks for the camera…I have toured with a band as their photographer, shot for a museum’s fine art gallery, and have multiple awards for my first documentary. I love the process and I am the happiest I have been. This is what I want to do for the rest of my life.”

Army SPC Lindsay Helm of Hawaii

Lindsay founded Empower Employ which is dedicated to providing practical solutions for organizations looking to hire, onboard, and retain gritty, high-quality Veteran and military spouse talent.  

“I really appreciate the opportunity to thank you all SO Much. This one grant will allow me to work a lot quicker with the equipment we are getting. Since June 2021 we have helped 200+ Spouses and Vets find jobs since officially launching. Impacts are everything. Thank you again SO Much. I have a team of 5 who depend on us for employment.”

M “Joey” JIMENEZ, US Army

“I accomplished more today than I have in a long time. The hand tools were amazing(game changers), and the machinery is effortless. Thank you, Work Vessels for Vets!”

USMC MSGT Matt S, Southeastern Region

I am forever grateful for the grant and will do my best to pay it forward.  Thank you so much for this opportunity to expand my business.  Now the real work begins.”

USAF veteran Dr. Andrey Shalomov

“It’s incredible how much more productive I am with the right tools. Now, I can concentrate on seeing patients rather than worrying about being behind on notes and other administrative tasks.  I am so grateful for your help and for this wonderful opportunity.”

SGT JD “Jack” Williams of KY

Thank you, Work Vessels for Vets!  The award of an adapted blacksmith forge and knife-making equipment will let me use my blacksmithing talents. Blacksmithing is therapy and a good trade to know so I could pass on knowledge to other veterans to help give them a hobby/purpose in life that could possibly help more people!

Army Sgt. Mickey Clayton of Oregon

“My name is Mickey Clayton and I’m a disabled OIF/OEF veteran, with extensive physical disabilities from service-connected injuries in Iraq. I came home and started a small ranch in Oregon, and Work Vessels for Veterans came through with a much needed grant to purchase an ATV for me. With the ATV, I’m now able to check fence lines, do repairs, bring in injured or sick calves and sheep, haul hay out to my farthest pastures, bring in water trailers during summer months, and accomplish much work that previously I was forced to rely on the kindness of friends for. This organization is highly professional, deeply supportive, and personally invested in every single veteran that they help. Please know that donations to this organization go to real live people, and to veterans who actually NEED the assistance, and use it to better both themselves and their greater communities.” 

USAF Major Scott Bullis of Colorado

What an amazing organization! Not only did they assist me with obtain two key pieces of equipment for a start up business, they also placed me in contact with an outstanding mentor. I’ve since recommended Work Vessels for Vets to several friends and colleagues.”

CAPT. Andy Wood of Indiana

“It’s been about 3 years since Work Vessels for Vets replaced my Kawasaki UTV with a Polaris 500.
I am not in need of anything, but as I sit here counting my blessings I think of you so often and the work you have done for me and other veterans. I could not be independent and do the things i do on the farm without the UTV, and you made all the difference. I am so thankful for Work Vessels for Vets, and all the work you have done. Please accept my continued gratitude for making my life much more manageable.”

Army Capt. Frank Ritz of North Carolina

“Work Vessels for Vets is the real deal! I applied for a UTV for use on my farm in western North Carolina, where the terrain is difficult for someone with my back and knee conditions. Since my first email with Cathy through the receiving of the UTV, there was a seamless flow-through of love and support felt by the organization. I would HIGHLY and WITHOUT reservation recommend this non-profit to anyone who is in need of an organization that is veteran-centric. Thank you again for the opportunity to improve my operation! I really love Work Vessels for Vets!”